Friday, 8 June 2012

Olympic fever

Mark the date of today: only 50 days to the Olympic Games in London!

I love the Olympics.
I love the thrills, the emotions, the stories.
And I end up watching and cheering for sports like archery, ping-pong, or weight lifting...I swear it's true.

I made few mash-ups of youtube videos (sometimes the quality is not that good...but better than nothing!) of some memorable gold medals to commemorate the event, and get the tears going...
One video for each country.
So nobody feels left out.
They are not comprehensive and are largely focused on the most recent Games (from Atlanta 1996 on), but please feel free to write in the comments any other winner (with medal or not!) that have sent chills up your spine!


Ho cercato in lungo e in largo un video dell'oro di Federica Pellegrini nei 200 a Pechino...quelli che ho trovato sono protetti da copyright, perciò se volete godervela cliccate qui!

... per gli italiani: l'ultima parte e' una nota dolente..Atene 2004, finale di pallavolo, Italia-Brasile...siete avvisati! ;)

... per gli italiani: l'ultima parte e' un'altra nota dolente..Atene 2004, finale di basket, Italia-Argentina...siete avvisati! ;)

And last, but not least...Courage, Motivation and Inspiration